Ripple Effect

Interactive agency Possible commissioned Glymmer to create a generative floor projection to enrich the onsite experience of an event thrown by Microsoft OneNote at Pennsylvania State University for their Collective Project series. The theme of the event, ripple effect, was based on a quote from student Neha Gupta whom the event honored: “It is our time to be the igniters of change. Find a cause that touches your heart. Convert your empathy into action and let those actions ripple out.” Neha is a champion of access to education for orphans in her home country of India and worldwide.

To give a unique energy to the environment where the event was held we created and installed a custom piece of software projected on the floor throughout the space. Whenever a post on Twitter was detected with the hashtag “#rippleeffect” or “#collectiveproject” an animated ripple would spread out from a random location on the floor. The entire piece was concepted, approved by the client and executed in less than three weeks.