HBOD 2015 Interactive Video Wall

Her Brain on Digital (HBOD) is an annual industry event hosted by fashion influencer Refinery29 where leaders from major brands attend to gain insights into the latest in digital marketing techniques. Reilly Donovan and I (under the moniker Glymmer) were brought on board in 2015 to create a 96 foot long interactive video wall developed in coordination with R29’s design team, collaborating remotely between Seattle and NYC. The piece was installed in less than 24 hours at Industria Superstudios in NYC for the one night only event. A smaller two screen version of the wall also travelled to the HBOD 2015 event in Los Angeles where it was installed by Benjamin Van Citters and Brandon Aleson.

The NYC version used eleven HD screens scattered up the entry ramp along one side. Eight Microsoft Kinects tracked attendees movement as they entered, and later left, the event triggering videos and quotes as they passed by. Subtle background graphics shifted in response to the general flow of foot traffic.

Each display was powered by it’s own CPU networked together to sync graphics across screens. Schematics, install logistics and custom software (written in Processing) were developed in the month and a half prior to the event.

Audience, and client, response to the entry was overwhelmingly positive.

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